Assessment & Reporting

KS3 – Assessments & End of Year Reports

All KS3 (Year 7 to 9) learners complete end of term assessments for English, Maths and Science at the end of each Term. This information is used to monitor progress being made across core subjects. End of year reports are collated for all KS3 learners towards the end of the Summer Term and feedback is provided to Parent/Carers accordingly.

KS4 – Assessments and Reporting

All Year 10 learners complete end of term tests across all GCSE subjects that are offered. The final round of assessments in the summer term are collected via GCSE assessments and provide the first opportunity for learners to experience exam standard assessments. We provide reports back to all parent/carers on progress and attainment to date.

Year 11 learners complete another round of mock assessments at the end of Term 1 with progress reports being issued to parent/carers before the Easter break.