Good grades in any subject at GCSE or beyond are equally demanding.  We know that different subjects nurture and challenge a variety of skills.  It is therefore important the subjects chosen to study over the next two years match students’ interest and skill set.  We are here to support you through this process.   

Academic review and transition days are set at the end of year 9 and learners are provided with a detailed brochure outlining course and options. Learners \re given time and space to review and reflect and make their final decisions when they return from the summer break during the structured conversations reviews.  

Alongside the core subjects, learners will study a combination of PE, Art, RE Construction and History  

Learners should: choose subjects you are interested in, that you enjoy and will be good at • keep a broad range in your choices. • research any future careers and requirements before choosing. 

Learners should not: choose a subject because you think it might be ‘easy’ – very few are when you study them for examination! • choose a subject because your friend is – you may end up in different groups 

It is important for students to consider their path for the future when choosing their examination subjects. Some students may have a definite career in mind, others may just be at the beginning stages of considering likes/dislikes. Our curriculum offer enables students to follow a balanced and wide curriculum and students can choose to specialise later when they enter further education. 

Please note Option subjects are studied in addition to the five compulsory subjects – English, Maths, Double Science, Core PE, PSHE 

Art, PE, Construction, RE, History  

See the “Subject” page for further information on each subject.