Breaktime, lunchtime and after school activities

We offer a range of activities during the week to keep learners engaged, fit and health.  Activities range from board games including chess, table tennis, basketball and football. 

Learners have the opportunity to visit the local gym and take part in amateur boxing training.  The school ensures to take full advantage of opportunities in the area including the Fit for Life Gym, Westway Sports Centre and the Kensington Pools.

Friday enrichment

On Fridays we devote the afternoon periods solely to enrichment activities and these may include Girls only sessions, film clubs or art workshops.  Activities are included to extend learners cultural capital and may include visits to parks, museum, galleries and theatres, boat rides and more. 

At Ormiston Latimer we prioritize the development of the whole child and offer a range of enrichment activities to enhance their cultural capital. Engaging learners in new experiences and exposing them to different places can have a profound impact on their personal growth and understanding of the world. By providing these opportunities, we are helping them broaden their horizons, develop their curiosity, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. 

Aside from offering structured activities during beak and lunch times Friday afternoons are devoted to enrichment creating new experiences often dependent on the resources and interests of the learners. Some activities have included: 

  1. Cultural Workshops: Arranged workshops where learners can explore different cultural practices such as music, dance, art, or traditional crafts. This allows them to actively participate and gain hands-on experience. 
  1. Field Trips: we organize visits to museums, historical sites, art galleries, theatres, botanical gardens, or local cultural festivals. These outings expose learners to new environments and foster a deeper understanding of different cultures. 
  1. Guest Speakers: we invite individuals from various cultural backgrounds, such as artists, writers, musicians, or community leaders, to share their experiences and insights with the learners. This can inspire and provide role models for personal growth. 
  1. Community Service: Engage learners in community service projects that promote cultural understanding and social responsibility. This has involved making and delivering hampers to our elderly residents in the community. 
  1. Literary and Film Exploration: We encourage learners to explore literature and films from diverse cultures. Create reading lists or movie clubs where they can discuss and analyse works from different parts of the world. 

The goal is to provide opportunities that expose learners to new experiences and help them develop empathy, respect, and an open mindset. By integrating these activities into our enrichment programs, we try and contribute to their holistic development and prepare them to be well-rounded individuals in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Additional activities learners have previously taken part in include, African Drumming, climbed the O2 Arena, visited the theater and Botanical gardens, visited theme parks, been involved in local enterprise schemes and activities.  Learners will routinely take part in wider activities such as overnight residentials or theme park visits.