How to make a complaint


Complaints regarding school issues are received and responded to as set out in OAT policy. Community members, parents/carers who are looking for someone to hear their complaint should follow the links where you will find information on the correct process.  Please follow procedures as outlined to avoid immediately contacting the chair which bypasses the proper process.

Complaints Policy 

Before contacting the Chair of Governors, follow this link for advice on how to make a complaint. Please ensure you are familiar with the procedural route to ensure that any complaint made is responded to and managed in a timely way. As stated within Parent complaints follow a three-stage process. It is a precondition of the complaints procedure that reasonable attempts should be made to resolve issues on an informal basis (at stage 1) and the Chair of OAT or the chair of an academy governing body shall have the discretion, to be exercised reasonably, not to allow a complaint to be pursued where this precondition has not been met.