Uniform requirements

  • Black trousers (not faded black, skin-tight or ripped jeans), skirt   
  • White shirt; black school jumper; school tie; black school shoes or smart dark trainers.  
  • Jumpers and ties  are provided by the school.  All other items should be purchased by parents/carers.  
  • Please avoid wearing any expensive watches or jewellery including large hoop earrings.

The school will provide the first polo shirt and sweatshirt for free.
If you wish to purchase spares/replacement the polo/shirt cost £6, the jumper costs £8 and we have a limited supply of school ties available for £5.

We must stress that the pupils will have full responsibility for ensuring they have their uniform in school every day. In the unfortunate situation that pupils do not comply with the above instructions, we will contact parents/carers to bring the correct uniform items into school. Learners who are not appropriately dressed for school may be sent home to change. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any queries about the uniform.

Mobile phones  

Whilst we discourage valuable items  being brought into school, we  recognize that learners may wish to travel to and from school with a mobile phone. Lockers  are provided for phones during the school day. Please note that the school does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss.