Arriving at Ormiston Latimer Academy 

As an alternative provision with places commissioned by the local authority Ormiston Latimer does not take direct referrals or applications from parents.   Learners are either out of school, managed moved, referred by the Fair Access Panel or come directly following permanent exclusions from their mainstream provision.  Unless you are referred to our specialist ground floor provision all learners g through the same induction process.  

We believe in providing a thorough and comprehensive induction process for every student who joins us. As part of this process, we administer a series of assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of each student’s abilities, strengths, and areas for development. These assessments act as our baseline data which inform a tailored intervention plan for each student.  

Step one: learners are invited in for interview with the principal or other senior leader. 

Step two:  learners are invited back for an induction to sit through a suite of assessments.  The induction testing process includes a range of assessments, such as Cognitive Ability Testing (CATS), Next Generation Reading Test (NGRT), Next Generation Spelling Test (NGST), and the Pupil Attitudes to School Scores (PASS). These assessments provide valuable insights into students’ cognitive abilities, reading and spelling skills, and student’s feelings towards school and learning.  

Based on the results of these assessments, our dedicated staff members compile comprehensive induction slides that summarize the data and highlight the key areas of focus for each student. These slides are shared with staff members to ensure a holistic approach to supporting students’ individual needs in and out of the classroom.  

Step three: learners are invited back to complete a week of half day provision whilst they acclimatise to the school and get used to the building and structure of the day. 

Within the first term of a student’s enrolment, we create a Learner Passport for each student. This passport is a personalized document that captures important information, including student voice, parent/carer voice, and identified targets for their academic and personal development. The Learner Passport serves as a roadmap for the student’s support journey and is reviewed termly to ensure ongoing progress and adjustments to targets as necessary. 

We value the input of students, parents, and carers in the development of the Learner Passport. Their voices provide valuable insights into the student’s strengths, challenges, and aspirations. Regular reviews of the passport allow us to adapt and refine our support strategies to ensure the student’s needs are being effectively addressed.